Today we raced in beautiful Driggs, Idaho. After a relaxing day off, the mushers and dogs looked like they were ready for some time on the trail. 

Race Founder Frank Teasley at the Driggs stage!
Race Founder Frank Teasley at the Driggs stage!




This stage is famous for the 300 foot climb to the top of the hill after they are counted out of the chute. Today's race is 32 miles. Today's we had a glorious view of the Tetons and lots of sun.

We were visited for a 2nd year by the Swan Valley Elementary 4th and 5th grade students. These students had the privilege to host Austin Forney for a presentation last Thursday. Each of them was very knowledgeable about the race and mushing. The mushers loved the hear all their cheering as they cruised across the finish. 

Today proved a struggle for two of our leaders. Lina Streeper and Erick Laforce mistakenly took the wrong trail. Upon visiting with other mushers, I was told this can be an easy thing to do. There can be many trials and if a musher overlooks the markers, they can take a wrong turn. 


Tomorrow we are headed for our last stage at Upper Slide Lake near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.