Stage 3: Kemmerer, Wyoming


Hello race fans! Today we spent the day in Kemmerer, Wyoming at the Hams Fork Trail Head. The course today was 34 miles long. The dogs and mushers appreciated the cooler weather as that is ideal for racing. 


Today's weather was snowy and the visibility was very poor. We normally can see the mushers from a mile or so but today's snowy conditions it made it a little more difficult. We broke out our binoculars and were able to identify teams as they neared the finish. 


Bruce Magnusson and Jeff Conn accidentally followed a snowmobile track at mile 6 and had to get turned around. This caused both mushers to loose quite a bit of time in today's race. Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to make up some of the time that was lost. 


Bruce Magnussen talking about his time off the trail. 
















 Anny Malo was the racer with the fastest time. She will wear the yellow bib again for tomorrows race in Big Piney. Check out the times below to see how your favorite racer performed today. 



After today's race we traveled to Big Piney for their Meet the Mushers Banquet. We were treated Navajo Tacos and dutch oven deserts. Follow us as we begin Stage 4 tomorrow. 


 Here are the overall results after Stage 3.