Stage 4: Big Piney/Marbleton, Wyoming


It was a cold, cold, cold day in Big Piney when we arrived to kick-off Stage 4. The temperature at the trail head today was -16. It didn't bother the dogs a bit. They were ready to head out on the trail! The mushers were bundled from head to toe and barley recognizable in all their cold weather gear.  

Anny on today's trail.
Anny on today's trail. Those look like some happy dogs!


Stage 4 was 35 miles through the Wyoming Range. Because of the cold temperatures some of the dogs left the chute wearing coats. It is common to see coats on the dogs when the temperatures are very low. 


We have a new musher that will wear the yellow bib! Lina came in today with the fastest time. Lina looks pretty excited to have the honor to wear the yellow bib once again! 


The town of Lander was treated to a Meet the Mushers event on Main Street. Community members braved the cold to meet mushers and dogs. 




How is your favorite musher doing? Check out the overall times below. Check back tomorrow as we travel to South Pass for Stage 5! 

Day 4 overall times and placing
Day 4 overall times and placing