Stage 7: Teton County, Wyoming


We began our final stage in Teton County, Wyoming between upper and lower Slide Lake. Click below for more information on the Gros Ventre landslide that created Slide Lake. Slide lake is about 39 miles from the town of Jackson Hole. 



Today's final leg was a 32 miles. To get to the chute to begin the race the mushers and handlers had to make a pretty steep climb up from the staging area. Many of the mushers had snowmobiles to keep the dogs from going to fast up the hill. It looks like a pretty wild ride. 


Doug Butler out on the trail.



During this year's race we have been met with all different types of weather. Today it was snowing and we had high winds. The trail crew worked hard keep the trail as smooth and drift free as possible and the race crew kept close eyes out for the mushers at each check point. The safety of the mushers and dogs are always #1. 


Anny  and son Elliot crossing the finish line.
Anny and son Elliot crossing the finish line.




As mushers came across the line their times were recorded and calculated to determine placing for this year's race. After Stage 7 it was determined that Anny Malo was the champion of the 25th year of the Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Race. 




Later this evening we musher, handlers, family members, and race crew gathered to celebrate this year's success and to present awards. 




Chris Adkins was presented with this years Sportsmanship Award. He lent a hand to Rachel Courtney when her truck broke down. Without his help, Rachel wouldn't have been able to complete the final stages of the race. 


Thank you for following this year's race. I hope you enjoyed the adventure. See you next year!!