HELLO RACE FANS!!! I hope you are all as excited as me about the 2021 Race Season. All of our racers are on their way to Jackson Hole to participate in tomorrow's vet checks before beginning stage on in snowy Alpine, Wyoming. 


Tomorrow as racers pull into vet checks they will be met with a handful of expert vets. These vets will be looking at the health of the dogs. This is a lot like when you go for a checkup with your doctor. Dogs that are healthy and ready to race are given the a ok and dogs that don't pass the vet checks are required to sit this year's Stage Stop race out. Dogs are checked to be sure they are micro chipped and registered to their racer. This is a tense and exciting time for both the mushers and the dogs.  


Mushers will then participate in a "drivers meeting". During this meeting the mushers get the chance to meet all of their competitors, learn the rules for the race, recommendations from the vets, and general race information. 


Check out the video below that tells a little about what the vets will be looking for tomorrow.




Check back each day for updates and photos of the day's events!! We are excited to have you on the race trail with us!!