The Race Begins!


Today we began the 2018 Stage Stop Race in Jackson, Wyoming. Mushers began to arrive at the check in 9:00. They had a chance to visit with fellow mushers they hadn't seen since last year. Mushers then began to drop (unload) dogs to vet checked from head to toe by the vets. 


Later in the morning we were joined by students from the Journey School. We worked our way from team to team. We did get a chance to pet a few dogs along way. Monica Magnusson visited with us about how they train their dogs during the off season. She also told us that it took them 3 days to travel from Michigan to Pinedale. We had a great time asking questions and learning all about the race. 


Jr. Mushers met with Race Secretary Diana Lehn to learn what to expect during their race. Racers needed to be prepared with warm clothing and a helmet to protect their heads. This also gave Jr. Mushers a chance to get to know their mushers. 

We kicked off the race in the Town Square. Spectators counted down and cheered the racers and their Jr. Mushers as they left the chute. Their adventure took them from Town Square to Snow King. We later enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display. 

If you are interested in becoming a Jr. Musher follow this link for more information.

Tomorrow we will travel to Alpine, Wyoming. Mush on!