Hello Stage Stop Fans. Tonight we participated in the 27th Annual Kickoff event in Jackson Hole. This year we had 14 jr. mushers participating in their very own race through the town of Jackson Hole. 


The jr. mushers spent the morning at Vet Checks visiting with their musher, meeting the dogs, and helping with various dog jobs. They also got to see the Vet Team hard at work checking the health of each team's dogs. Our vets are a huge part in each year's race. They ensue the dogs are ready to race each and an answer any questions or concern that the musher may have regarding their dogs. 

Light Show in Jackson Hole Town Square

Later in the evening we all meet in Town Square to get the jr. mushers all set to hop into a sled. Before the dogs and musher arrived, we were treated to a light show at the beginning of the event. We all danced along to keep warm. Counting down from 10, we sent each team thought the town of Jackson Hole. You could feel the excitement in the air! 

Follow along as we travel to the Teton County stage of the race about an hour from the town of Jackson. Our 24 mushers will depart the gate at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Check back tomorrow for another update!

It is going to be a great race and we are happy to have you all along!