Today we began
 Day 1 in Jackson Hole. We began the day with a group of students from the Journey School. We had the opportunity to observe the vet checks. As we watched,the vets carefully looked over each mushers dogs from head to toe and asked the mushers lots of questions about their teams. 


As we worked our way through the staging area we spoke with Jerry Scdoris about his team. We learned how important a sled dogs diet. He said that each meal that his dogs eat is equal to 4 Big Macs!!



The Jr. Mushers met with Race Secretary Dianna Lehn at 4:30 to learn what to expect during their race through Jackson. Racers needed to be prepared in warm clothes and a helmet for protection. This also gave the Jr. Mushers time to get to know their mushers.


We kicked off the race with the Jr. Mushers racing through Jackson Hole Town Square to Snow King. It may have been cold, but the Jr. Mushers were anxious to begin the race. As each racer began, the crowd gave them the count down and race Director Dan Carter sent them on their way. 


Do you want to be a Jr. Musher next year? Follow the link below for more information.


Check back tomorrow as we head over the mountain to Driggs, Idaho! Good luck to all of the racers!