Today we tra
Jerry Bath and his team
veled to Driggs, Idaho for a 32 mile race across the beautiful Idaho high country. Both racers and dogs were eager to begin the race and as they approached the chute, the dogs barked and jumped excitedly to depart. Racers left the chute every three minutes to allow them to be properly spread out along the trail. The crowd and Race Director, Dan Carter, gave the teams the count down to begin.





Jerry Scdoris is on his way! 


This trail has steep ascents (climbs) and descents(downhill). As racers returned, they described the trail as having optimal (best) conditions. Spectators watched teams crest the hill to the finish line and finally on to the staging area. As teams returned, each dog was carefully checked by the vet team. 




Lina Streeper receiving the Yellow Bib.
Lina Streeper receiving the Yellow Bib.



The winner of each days race is given the honorary Yellow Bib. Tonights recipient was Lina Streeper. Tomorrow concludes the 8 Dog Race. Todays leader of the 8 Dog Race was John Stewart. 






Tomorrow teams are headed up Gray's River in Alpine for Day 3 of the race. Mush on!!
Ruger the race dog!