Today we spent the day in beautiful Alpine Wyoming. We began the day with a chilly -6 but it warmed up quickly as the sun appeared. Racers traveled 58 miles today on a flat hard-packed snow. 




8-dog winner John Stewart  

Day 3 was also the culmination (end) of the 8-dog classic race. This years winner was John Stewart who came out on top by 1 second beating Monica Magnuson. Also joining the 8-dog crew this year was 17 year old, Julia Larsen. Julia was this years youngest racer and placed third. Well done 8-dog racers!

Julia Larsen


The Yellow Bib winner today was Jerry Bath. Jerry finished with a astounding time of 40:02:41 and averaged 14.3 miles per hour. At the completion of the 2nd day of racing, Jerry Bath came  out on the top of the overall time, closely followed by yesterdays Yellow Bib winner, Lina Streeper.  The top two racers are now less than one minute apart.


Lina Streeper leading her team to the starting line. 


Tomorrow is a well deserved rest and travel day for the racers. We will begin Day 4 in Lander, Wyoming.