Todays race took place in beautiful Kendall Valley about 31 miles North of Pinedale. We were greeted this morning with enormous blowing snowflakes and excited dogs. 


After the departure of the mushers, we learned that being a handler isn't all hard work. Today marked the first of three days of Extreme Musher Games. We all know that handlers are good at a lot of things, but one thing they are really good at is scooping poop. The object of todays game was to scoop 10 tennis balls into the pooper scooper while blindfolded. Teams worked together to guide the handlers to the balls. All four teams did an amazing job. Our mushers are extremely lucky to have these expert scoopers on their teams. Stay tuned for more updates on this years Extreme Musher Games. 


The wonderful community of Marbleton/Big Piney hosted a Meet & Greet at the Marbleton Senior Center. Mushers were asked to reflect back on their day. Many mushers spoke about the heavy snow and a large climb they encountered on the trail. One musher even spotted a moose. Todays race ended with Lina Streeper coming out on top again. She will continue tomorrow with the yellow bib. Just three more legs of the race until the conclusion.

How is your racer doing?