Welcome to the Big Piney stage of the race. This is Stage 6 of the 8 stages total. Teams will travel to Kemmerer this evening to race tomorrow, and then on to our final stage in Evanston. The track today was snowier than the racers have ever seen in Big Piney and continued to snow and blow throughout the entire race! 


Students from Big Piney Elementary's 3rd grade joined the snowy race today. After the students helped the teams leave the starting chute, the students were given a presentation by the Forest Service and played some fun games in the snow. They were even able to squeeze in time for a warm cup of hot chocolate. Thanks to Mr. Hart and his 3rd grade students for coming out today!



Todays Extreme Handler Game was trivia. I have yet to hear the results of todays game but when I do, I will pass it along to you! These mushers know their stuff so I am sure it was a battle. Tomorrows challange will determine the winner of the Handler Games. I hope these handlers get a good nights rest!


Now for the race: Racers traveled on 42 miles of snowy track today. Lena Streeper was yesterdays yellow bib winner and was the last to leave the chute! Remember that racers leave the chute in reverse starting order (the last person to come in the day before leaves first the next day). Wyoming's own, Alix Crittenden, ran her fastest time of the race today. She averaged 10.7 miles per hour! She is in 8th place overall. Go Alix! Lena Streeper had the fastest time today and will hold on to the yellow bib another day. 

I hope you are enjoying following the race. Stay tuned for updates on tomorrows race. Mush on kids!!!!