Today was described as a blue bird day with sunny skies as racers departed the chute at Stage 7 of the race in Kemmerer. Spectators were seen in sweatshirts enjoying the sunshine, unlike the previous days that were snowy and windy. 


Today's racers traveled on 43 miles of open country with steep climbs. Today's yellow bib was worn again by Lena Streeper. She has maintained the lead over the last five stages.  I learned that Lena has two young girls back home in Canada following the race! Do you think they will follow in their parents footsteps and be mushers someday? 


Extreme Handler Games
Extreme Handler Games
I learned a little about yesterdays Extreme Handler Game called "Trivia Challenge". They were asked some tough questions about the Iditarod, mushing equipment and race history. Tomorrows challenge will be curling! Let's hope these handlers rested their pooper scooper arms today and will be ready to face off tomorrow. 


Now for todays results: As teams battled for the yellow bib today, Team Streeper came in with the fastest time of 3:24.04 with Bruce Magnusson hot on her heels just 6 minutes behind.  



Tomorrow will be Day 8 and the final day of the race. Check in again tomorrow to find out or final results! Mush on!