Today was the final stage of the 22nd Annual Pedigree Stage Lena heading out on her final run.
Lena heading out on her final run.
Stop Dog Sled Race. In the races 22 year history, the same tradition of great sportsmanship and love for the race still exists.  


Jerry and Frank 
We began the day in the snowy Uinta Mountains. Today's race is a 41 mile run across the snowy terrain. We had a large crowd some out to see the racers off. Many of the children drug their sleds along behind them. I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be some good sleChris Adkins and his biggest fan (his mom)
Chris Adkins and his biggest fan (his mom)
dding hills just beyond the staging area. Remind me to bring my favorite sled next year!!


JR Anderson and Jerry Bath were battling for the position of 4th overall. At the end of the race, JR was able to pull it off and claim 4th over Jerry. There was only about a minute that separated the 4th and 5th position. Well done JR and Jerry! Today's yellow bib winner was, Dave Torgeson. This ended Lena's 5 day streak with the yellow bib. As racers came in and numbers were analyzed, it was determined that this years winner of the 22nd Stage Stop Races was Lena Streeper! Go Lena!




Laura Daugereau putting on a dog bootie.
Laura Daugereau putting on a dog bootie.


All of todays racers and dogs finished strong. They paused as they came through the finish line to give high fives and then continued to the staging area. As they secured their teams, they congratulated each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Many described it as Bitter Sweet, they were happy to be heading home but would miss their Stage Stop Family. 


It has been a great race!!  I can't wait until next year! Mush On!