Hello race fans!! We have a winner!!! Anny Malo is the winner of this year's Stage Stop Race. 

Yesterday's race in Driggs, Idaho for Stage 7 was a great one. Mushers headed out on their last leg of the race feeling great. The dogs looked ready to run. The Driggs leg of the race is 28 miles with some steep climbs and some narrow spots. It seemed just as we sent them out, they returned back to us. It was a great day!

Below are the results of Stage 7 and the overall results showing how each musher placed. How did you musher place?


We spent the evening together reflecting back on our 10 days together, giving out awards, and saying our goodbyes. 


I hope you enjoyed this year's race and will be back next year for the 28th Annual Pedigree Stage Stop Race!!!


Mush on friends!!!!