Watch this great video showing all of the action of today's race. 
















We spent the morning racing in snowy but beautiful Alpine, Wyoming. We had snow on and off all day long. Last night, we were treated to an amazing fireworks display at the Winter Jubilee. The Winter Jubilee is a 2 day event that Alpine hosts each year. Check out the video below that shows all of the cool snow sculptures that are showcased throughout town. 















It was wet and sticky snow. It was reported that the snow was sticky and soft. This makes for tough conditions for the racers and the dogs. Both the dogs and mushers looked excited as they headed out on today's 31 mile trail. While they were out the handlers went to work. Being a handler is a serious job. Each day after their musher departs, they spend their time tending to the dogs that are taking the day off, clean trucks, and prepare for their mushers return. 















We were excited to learn that Lina Streeper had our fastest time of the day. She will wear the yellow bib tomorrow as does each winner of the previous day's stage. Below are the result of today's race in Alpine. Tomorrow we will head to Green River Lakes Trailhead in Pinedale, Wyoming.