Day 3: Kemmerer, Wyoming


We spent the day racing in a very windy and cold Kemmerer, Wyoming. Racers traveled 58 miles in today's race. Each evening the musher with the fastest time is awarded the yellow bib. Lina Streeper had the fastest time in Alpine and wore the bib today as she left the chute.

Today, we were joined by lots of local Kemmerer kids. They enjoyed a hot cup of hot chocolate, a warm fire and took advantage of our fun photo boards. They did an amazing job sending off the mushers with a count down from 10!
The Kemmerer leg was the last race for the 8-dog racers and they were anxious to begin the race.


Racers began to arrive after about 4.5 hours on the trail. Many musher had to help their teams up the hill to the finish line by pedaling (pushing the sled with one foot) or running with their teams. Today was also the completion for the 8-dog race. This year's winner is Monica Magnusson!! The Magnusson team continued their success with Bruce having the fastest time. Bruce will wear the yellow bib as he departs in Big Piney. Come back tomorrow to hear all about day 4 in Big Piney. Mush on!!!