Hi race fans!! We sure wish we could have had you guys along at today's race in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Kemmerer is a beautiful little town that is know for it's fossil fish. Watch the video below about the Warfield Quarry in Kemmerer, Wyoming for a

little more information. This Quarry was a few miles from the race site today!
















Today's leg of the race was 35 miles. The trail was hard packed snow and extremely fast. The days was clear and wind free which is uncharacteristic for this stage. 


Laura Neese getting ready to head out on the trail.















A confident Anny Malo left the chute wearing the yellow bib today. Erick Laforce had today's fastest time and will be wearing the yellow bib tomorrow. Will he keep the yellow bib? Check back tomorrow as we are head to Big Piney, Wyoming for Day 4!!