Day 6: Lander (South Pass)


Today was a cold and windy day at the top of South Pass. South Pass is located about 40 miles from the town of Lander, Wyoming. South Pass earned it's name because it served as a natural crossing in the Rocky Mountains for settlers traveling West on the Oregon Trail and miners headed to California. 


Mushers had a shorter 30 mile leg today. The trail was icy and windblown and the mushers travels though treed areas and next to Louis Lake. Many of the teams were just 10 dog teams today. 


We were joined by two groups of students that traveled up to South Pass to join us for the race. After they saw the mushers off, we toured the staging area and watched as handlers cared for the remaining dogs. We spoke with the handler for the Magnusson team and watched as she massaged a dog with a sore shoulder. She told us that the dog was going to take today off and hopefully would be ready to run tomorrow. There was lots of action today and we were right in the middle of it.  


Musher returned quickly today. Lina came in with the quickest time of 2:02:34. She will keep the yellow bib for Day 7. We only have 3 stages remaining. Who do you think will be this years over all winner? Tomorrow, mushers will run again in Pinedale to make up for the canceled race on Day 4 in Big Piney.

Mush on!!