Day 8: Driggs, Idaho


Today we had an amazing day in Driggs, Idaho. This leg of the race was 35 miles. We woke up and began the race day with wet, wet snow. By the end of the race, we had temperatures in the high 30's. I think the dogs were loving the warm sun. 


We were joined by the 4th and 5th grade students from Swan Valley, Idaho. These students traveled over the mountain to join us for a day of mushing. The students had been learning about the race and were very knowledgeable about mushing. Each student has been studying a musher and had the chance to meet their mushers at the end of the day. We were also able to sneak in some sledding while the mushers were on the trail. 


Today was the 3rd day of Handler Olympics. Todays game was Stage Stop Trivia. Dianna Lehn (race director) and the vet team came up with some real stumpers! Teams had to really put their heads together to answer these questions! 


We enjoyed watching the musher cruise down the hill to the finish line. Mushers had to be very careful to keep their teams under control so not to come in to the staging area too quickly. Lina came in today with the fastest time of 2:29:51. Alix Crittenden placed second with 2:32:36. Dave Torgerson placed third with 2:32:59; Greta Thurston fourth with 2:41:29; Bruce Magnusson fifth with 2:43:05; JR Anderson sixth with 2:44:07; and Jeff Conn seventh with an elapsed time of 2:46:50. Laura Daugerau placed eighth with 2:55:59. Dennis LaBoda ninth with 3:00:52; and Jerry Scdoris tenth with 3:02:56. Eleventh with 3:04:36 and twelfth with 3:34:09 are Austin Forney and Chris Adkins respectively.


Tomorrow is the last day of the race. Who will be the 2018 Pedigree Stage Stop champion??? Check back tomorrow.

Mush on!!!