Day 9: Teton County, Wyoming

Lina Streeper is 2018 Pedigree Stage Stop Race Champion!!


Today, we began the final leg of this years race at the Lower Slide Lake Trailhead about 20 minutes from Jackson Hole. First on todays agenda was the difficult task of parking all of the trucks and trailers. So many important details go into making the race run smoothly each day and the race crew works hard to make sure it all goes off with out a problem. Teams had to climb a steep hill to get to the start of today's race. One handler  even wore his running shoes for the run with his team! You could see that mushers were anxious to begin the last leg of the race. We sent them off with lots of cheering as they began their 32 mile race. 


Today was also the last game of this years season of Handler Olympics. Teams were to start a fire and get it just the right size to burn through a string. Teams worked together to gather flammable items and begin their fires. Team Pain was the first team to burn through their string followed by Team Snickers. This years Hander Olympics was won by Team Pain. We all enjoyed watching their excellent team work skills and we had a few laughs along the way.  


Today's results: Bruce Magnusson from Manchester, Michigan placed first with an elapsed time of 2:09:26 for the 32-mile course. Alix Crittenden from Bondurant, Wyoming placed second with 2:10:14. Dave Torgerson from Red Lodge, Montana placed third with 2:11:09; Lina Streeper from Ft. Nelson, placed fourth with 2:13:49; Greta Thurston from Steamboat Springs, Colorado placed fifth with 2:14:25; Jeff Conn from Ester, Alaska placed sixth with 2:16:15; JR Anderson from Buyck, Minnesota placed seventh with 2:22:10; Austin Forney from Leadville, Colorado placed eighth with 2:22:39; Dennis LaBoda from Hovland, Minnesota placed ninth with 2:25:25; and Laura Daugerau from Port Gamble, Washington placed tenth with 2:33:00. Jerry Scdoris from Bend, Oregon placed eleventh with 2:38:01. Chris Adkins from Sand Coulee, Montana placed twelfth with 3:00:29.


It was a wonderful race season! We saw so many examples of good sportsmanship among the racers. 

Thank you for joining us during this year's race!! We hope to see you next year!! Mush on!!!