Alix Crittenden’s Team Leaders

Meet two of my dogs. Leah is the spotted one who's crazy about two things — running like mad, and her dog box. Other than that, she’s not too worried about anything besides the occasional snuggle. Leah is named after one of the vet techs who helped bring her and her brother into this world. She’s been a phenomenal leader since her yearling year when she had to step up during stage stop because one of my main leaders was injured. That year, 2022, she ran every single stage of Stage Stop, and led three stages. Last year she ran six stages, and led every single one of them. She’s an amazing dog, and I love her very, very much.

Ada is the black leader, and she's a very serious lady, quiet and elusive. She likes to play but not when anyone is watching. Last year was her first on the truck, and she ran not only every stage of stage stop but every single stage of every single race all season long. She was there for all of our 27 total race starts last season, only running out of the lead three times. She’s a phenomenal athlete, and I love to watch her run. Ada gave us her first litter of puppies last year, and all of them look just like her. I look forward to our future of racing and creating the next generation together.