Greetings race fans. Today was an amazing 1st day of racing for the musher of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Today's race was located about an hour from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As we traveled to the race location the temperature at one point dropped to -25 degrees!!  By the time we arrived it was a stead -15 degrees. Pretty cold but perfect racing temperature for the dogs! 

It was exciting throughout the staging area as new and rookie mushers prepared their teams for the 30 mile race through the trees. Each team left the chute today according to their bib number. The dogs were excited to hit the trail. Each team departed the chute every 3 minutes. This gives the next musher enough time to get their teams ready and to give the dogs their last words of encouragement.  

After all the musher were out on the trail, each team's handler was busying walking dogs that were left behind, preparing for the musher and dogs to return and tidying up trailers. 

After about an hour and fourth minutes on the trail, Anny Malo was our first musher to return and they continued to cross the finish line. Below are the result of today's race. The mushers were in good spirits upon returning and visiting about their experience on the trail. 

Follow us as we race in my hometown of Pinedale, Wyoming. We are hoping for a beautiful day!