Good evening race fans. Today we raced in 35 miles in beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. Racers were eager to begin day two of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. 

We did things a little different today as we sent racers on to the trail. After day one, the racers are sent out on the trail in a reverse order. That means the person with the slowest time from the previous day is sent first. 

Stage Stop has a tradition where the person with the fastest time the day before wears a yellow bib signifying the previous day's win. Anny Malo was presented with the yellow bib at the musher's meeting this morning. 

We sent all 24 teams out of the chute with ease. We had the opportunity to watch them climb a small hill and then disappear out of site. 


The winner of today's stage was Anny Malo, second is Lina Streeper and third is Anny's sister -in-law Cathy Rivest. She will continue to wear the yellow bib in tomorrow's race. We will be racing a second day in Pinedale because the Lander Stage was cancelled because of a lack of snow. 

Below are today's result and the overall result as of Stage 2. Check back tomorrow for an update on Day 2 in Pinedale. 


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