Hello race fans! Today was Stage 3 of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. We were in Pinedale, Wyoming for a second day. Click on the link in blue to learn a little about Pinedale

We did have a team drop from the race after Stage 2. Erick LaForce, bib #9, dropped from the race because some of his dogs were ill. At the Pedigree Stage Stop, dog health is #1 and sometimes mushers have to make the heartbreaking decision to pull out of the race. We will miss the LaForce team as we travel the rest of the race. 

The day was not as cold as the day before but the mushers had to deal with wind and blowing snow. The temperatures were just right for all of our four legged friends. They seemed anxious to head out again on this trail. We were jointed by the children from BEEP Preschool and the REAL Center. They did an amazing job cheering the musher on as they waited to head out on the trial. After all the mushers were out, we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate together. 

Despite the snow and wind, the mushers came in smiling and cheering their dogs on but slightly snow covered. We loved listening to the handlers cheer the lead dogs of each team when the mushers come into site. 


Anny Malo left the chute today wearing her yellow bib from her previous day's win and after today's race she will get to keep it for another day. She came in with a time of 2:29.34. Today's top five mushers were Anny, Lina, Cathy, Dave, and JR. Below are the times for today. How is your favorite musher doing so far in the race? 

Tomorrow we travel to Stage 3 in Big Piney/Marbleton, Wyoming. Below are some photos of the delicious meal they prepared to welcome the mushers and crew into town. We are grateful for the kindness we receive as we visit each town. Don't those deserts look delicious. 

Check back tomorrow to hear about all of our fun at Stage 4!