Hello race fans!! What a day we had in Kemmerer. Like many of our days so far, it started off below zero and we ended the race day in light jackets. Kemmerer is always my favorite place to watch the race. We can see the racers coming in on the trail from quite a ways away. We can't tell which racer it is but we get to watch them cruse along the hillside. On Kemmerer day everyone brings out their binoculars. 

All the dogs were ready to go when they pulled up to the starting line. Like every day after Stage 1, we began in reverse order. The first one out today was Geneva Lyon. She has traveled from Oregon with her handler and amazing daughter, Shade. Shade was a jr. musher this year. We have all enjoyed Shade's company. 

The last to leave the chute today was Anny. Remember that Anny wore the yellow bib today after her 1st place finish in Big Piney/Marbleton at Stage 4. 


As the mushers approached the finish line, they had a pretty steep hill to climb. The mushers ran with the sleds and used one foot to push the sled along (peddling). It was great to hear the mushers praise and encourage their dogs at the reached the finish. It was a wonderful day! 


Today's top finisher was Lina Streeper. Congratulations to Lina as she will wear the yellow bib at Stage 6 in Alpine. Below are are the overall times and rankings for each team. 




Tomorrow is a travel day. The dogs, mushers and crew will get the day off. Check back on Friday as we race in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming.