Sled Dogs by Alexa, Jenaya, and Miriah

We live in Minnesota, and our whole family raises and races sled dogs. We race 4-dog, 6-dog, and 12-dog teams. Selecting the dogs to make up a team is a tricky process, because the dogs don't just have to run fast, they have to get along as a team. We're trying to put together a new team of four dogs, and we want to know: can we use dog respiration rate as a way to match dogs up in a team?

What did we do?
Our team of dogs from last year (Boots, Annie, Crook and Brandy) ran well, but we are interested in making up a new team that might run even better. We compared that team with a team of new dogs (Fox, Tiger, Boomer, and Dick). We ran both teams for a mile, then stopped and recorded each dog's respiration rate by putting our hands on their chests and counting their breaths. We also watched to see if the dogs were getting along, and whether they were distracted. We made our observations for several days, then tried to put together our new super team from all the information we had.