Yesterday, we kicked off the 24th annual Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Race in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We began the day at Vet Checks. During vet checks, the vets visit teams to check the health of their dogs, ensure that all dogs are microchipped, and check in the dogs that plan to race in this years race. It is during this time, that mushers can visit with the vet team about any concerns the musher may have about their dogs.

Also at the vet check, we had the Ravens and the Comets join us from the Children's Learning Center and the 3rd grade students of Wilson Elementary. The students met dogs, visited with mushers, observed the vets in action, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

At 6:30, the first group of mushers hopped in their mushers bag. Many of the children met the mushers and their dog teams earlier in the day at the Vet Check. As students waiting under the light of the square, they counted down the second until their fellow mushers departed. Check out the smiles on their faces! They were ready to race.