Welcome race fans! We are excited to have you along for the 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Race season! Each day will be filled with a new adventure as we travel to a new community and the teams run a new trail.

Yesterday, we kicked off the 29th Annual Pedigree Stage Stop with vet checks in Jackson Hole. Vets checked the health of each dog the mushers brought on the race circuit. The kindergarten students from Colter Elementary and the Grizzly Pre-K group at Jackson Elementary joined us during vet checks. They observed our incredible vet team looking at the dogs' teeth, listening to their hearts, and ensuring they were ready to run the race. Many of the racers spent the morning visiting and catching up, as many had not seen each other since last year's Stage Stop event.

Later in the evening, the whole town of Jackson Hole met up in the town square to watch this year's Jr. Mushers race in their own race through Jackson Hole. This year, we had eleven Jr. Mushers from each community the race visits, one from Georgia and one from Nebraska. The spectators counted down from 10 to send them out of the race chute and down the streets of Jackson Hole!

Today, we will travel to the Blackrock Ranger Station, about 30 miles from Jackson Hole. Mushers and dogs will travel 28 miles round trip with beautiful mountain views. Check back for an update about today's race!!