Tim Thiessen’s Team Leader

Introducing Tina! She is our superstar leader who always does what is asked of her. Tina is five years old, and this will be her third time running the stage race. We were incredibly blessed when presented with the opportunity to purchase her from Bud and Lina Streeper. With her knowledge, capabilities, and teaching abilities we have become a better team. That’s a lot of pressure for one dog. and she always rises to all occasions and situations!

When not leading the team, you’ll often find Tina wandering the property, following us around looking for handouts. She enjoys licking soup buckets and sneaking bones into her dog house. She has raised two litters and is an amazing mom; she truly shines when faced with puppies to nurture.

Look for Tina to lead the team again this year! We all love you, Tina!!!