Laura Bontrager’s Team Leader.

This will be Brocket’s third Stage Stop. He started out in 2021 as a yearling on our puppy team, and last year, although he was only two years old, he led many runs for our main team. He even led the team to our best finish of the race, in Pinedale! Brocket is the lone male of a five-puppy litter. His sisters have also competed in stage stop. It is a super family!

Brocket is a lot like his dad, John Deere, who belongs to Anny Malo. He is shy with new people but, once he gets to know you, he will be your best friend. He never seems to get tired, and always wants to play. Although he’s our biggest dog, we don’t really think he’s ever grown out of puppyhood! Brocket makes our team better through his amazing athleticism, happy attitude, monster appetite, and his love for chasing down, and passing, other teams.

We love our boy “Brocket-the-Rocket.”