Hello, race fans!! We raced in beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming. Today's race was 34 miles, beginning at the Upper Green River Lakes Trailhead parking lot and cruising up the Union Pass Road.
We began 30 minutes earlier than usual to combat the warmer than seasonable temperatures. The mushers and dogs welcomed the cool temperatures as they began their day and planning for the race.

Michael Tetzner feeding his dogs and preparing them for today's race. 

We did have a swap of the Yellow Bib this morning. Yesterday's winner, Anny Malo, was presented with the yellow bib by Remy Coste. The race marshal explained the trail to the mushers and reviewed a few rules. The mushers were anxious to hit the trail.

Mike Bestgen loving his dogs. 

Today, a large crowd of Pinedale Elementary students came out to cheer their favorite mushers. Later in the morning, we were joined by a group of preschool students from the REAL Center here in Pinedale. They came dressed for the weather and ready to meet some dogs. They spent some time visiting Austin Forney's trailer and visiting with dogs and Austin's family. We treated each group to a warm cup of hot chocolate and some (actually a lot) of Mars candy!

Bib #8 Laura Bontrager leaving the chute. 

We watched the mushers come down the hill. We used binoculars to spot them as they went over the top! After the numbers were crunched, it was determined that Remy would take back the Yellow Bib from Anny Malo. Below are the results of today's race. Check it out and see how your favorite musher is doing.

We will run the Big Piney race at the Upper Green River Trailhead tomorrow because of poor trail conditions at the Big Piney race location. Check back tomorrow to see the results of Day 4 of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race!!!