Today, we raced again from the beautiful Upper Green River Lakes Trailhead. We usually would have raced in Big Piney/Marbleton, but the trail conditions were not great for the mushers and dogs. The decision was to run two days in a row in Pinedale.

Last night, the mushers and crew ate a delicious meal at the Big Piney/Marbleton Senior Center. This is always a fun dinner with the most amazing Dutch oven desserts. Mushers had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community.

Today’s temperatures from the trailhead were much colder than yesterday. Unfortunately, we were greeted by the wind, but that didn’t stop the mushers and their handlers from tending to their essential jobs. Many of the mushers were busy setting out harnesses for the dogs they were running for the day and preparing sleds.

We were joined today by the Big Piney and LaBarge 3rd-grade students. We are lucky enough to have them out at the race each year. They arrived just in time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and visit with the US Forest Service employees, who set up 3 informational centers. We began to see teams come back close to the two-hour mark. The kids did a fantastic job cheering the mushers and dogs in! We were so excited to see them come around the corner and down a long hill.

The US Forest Service working with the students. 

Alix Crittenden meeting with the Big Piney/Marbelton students! 

The day warmed quickly, and we all began to shed layers of clothing. The mushers did a great job talking with the kids, and the kids did a fantastic job petting all of their dogs. Each student had a favorite musher, and we did our best to make sure each had a chance to meet that musher. We all waited anxiously to find out who had the fastest time for the day. 

Today’s musher with the fastest time was again Remy Coste. He will keep the yellow bib and leave last at tomorrow’s race in Kemmerer. How is your favorite musher doing? Check out the results below!
Today's times  and finishing order. 
Today's times  and finishing order. 

Day 1-Day 4 times and overall times. 

Check back tomorrow as we will be Day 5 of the race. This afternoon, we will travel to Kemmerer, Wyoming, to race tomorrow morning.