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Wait... you aren't a REAL sled dog!


I worked at Mt. Bachelor, in Oregon, giving sled dog rides to kids for many years.  


It never failed, kids would arrive at the staging area, take one look at me, and say... "Wait...I've seen sled dogs on TV, and she doesn't look like a sled dog. Is she going to pull my sled?"


My Human: Yes, she is the best of the best. She is an Alaskan Husky.  Alaskan Huskies are not a registered breed. They are a mixed mutt. See how they all look different? Ears up, ears folded down, blue eyes, brown eyes, both?  Looks don't matter, but they all have one thing in common.... they love to run and pull the sled.


Kid: But they are so small!

My Human: Yes, they usually range from 45 to 55 pounds.


Kid: But they are so skinny!

My Human: They are slim but strong! (Then she usually reaches down and feels my muscular shoulders ) Fast, running athletes are usually slim.  Think about long distance marathon human runners...  What do they look like?  They have a slim, athletic physique don't they? Can you imagine a big, heavy linebacker running and winning a marathon race? No way!


Want to know more? 



         CLICK HERE for a short video on sled dog breeds


              See you down the trail,