Today, we raced in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Today's trail is a 27.5-mile in-and-out trail. We love this trail because we can see the musher coming from about 4 miles away. We all grabbed our binoculars and tried our hardest to determine which racer was speeding across the snow.

Rachel Courtney out on the trail.

The race is held each year at the Hams Fork Trailhead. We usually arrive at the trailheads in the dark, but as the sun rises, we are always in awe of how beautiful each race location is. 

A musher on the trail. What a beautiful day!

We had a lot of spectators today. The students at the Wyoming Tech Prep Academy joined us. They were full of questions. Sarah Tarlton's team did a great job telling us all about the sport of dog mushing and introducing us to his team.

Kemmerer has an extraordinary award that they give to the stage winner. This stage is known for its fossil fish quarries, so giving the fastest mushers a fossil fish is only fitting. Check out this link to learn about fossil fish found in the Kemmerer area.

Do you remember who won yesterday and will wear the yellow bib today? If you said Remy, you are correct. We had lots of help at the line counting down from 10 today. Kids were excited to hold the microphone and lead the spectators in the countdown. After the teams were out on the trail, everyone visited the big red trailer for goodies and then headed out to visit with the handlers and check out all the dogs. The dogs were out enjoying the sunshine and the kids pets. We met a dog named Hobgobblin. If you have ever seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon, you will recognize that name. Sled dogs have the best names!

The winner of today's race was Remy Coste. He was very excited to receive his first fossil fish! I bet he hung it up in his big blue bus right away! Anny finished close behind Remy. We are excited to see how the next two stages go! Who will be this year's winner?!?! We are all very anxious to find out! 

Tomorrow is a much-deserved off day for the mushers, dogs, and crew. Check back Friday as we travel to Alpine, Wyoming, for Stage 6 of the race!!!