We have a new champion of the 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Race!! Race rookie Remy Coste is the winner of this year's race! Read all about our fun day in Driggs, Idaho, below.

2024 Champion Remy Coste with his trophy. 

2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Mushers

We were so excited when we woke up to snow this morning! The mushers seemed very anxious on the last day of the race. We have some racers that are very close to moving up a position. One mistake can cost mushers a spot and a bit of money, so racers listened extremely closely to trail conditions and information about the trail given by the trail boss, Matt.

Our trail crew, Matt and Paul, getting ready to mark today's trail. 

Here are one of the signs that gets put along the trail to let approaching snowmobilers know there are dog teams on the trail. 

Driggs had a huge crowd of spectators out today. Many came early to watch the mushers and crew get ready to race. We also had many join us at the start line. Today's start is at the bottom of a little hill. Mushers must pedal (use one foot to push the sled) or run up the hill. They received a lot of encouragement as they took off.

Race Donny Poulin getting his sled ready for the day. 

There was much anticipation at the staging area as teams wondered what kind of a run their mushers might have, how the snow conditions on the trail were, and how they might place. Many handlers could be heard reminiscing about our incredible week together. We all cherish our week together and have become the best of friends.

Happy dogs that are ready to run!!

We were excited to see our first mushers come across after about two hours and 20 minutes on the trail. They were a little snowy but happy to go down the hill and return to their trailers! Teams waited anxiously to hear what the results of the day were and to see where their team had placed overall in this year's race. When the timesheet was passed out, teams were so happy to see how they had placed and even more pleased with their dogs!

Look at that team out enjoying the trail!

Check out the day's and overall results to see how your favorite musher scored! We are so happy to have you along with us this year! Now we are headed to the end of the race banquet. I am excited to hear about all the fun the mushers had! See you next year race fans!!

Driggs, Idaho results

Overall results of this year's race! Look how close some of those times are. 
Overall results of this year's race! Look how close some of those times are.