Hello race fans! Today we had an exciting day in Big Piney, Wyoming. Big Piney is nicknamed the, "Ice Box of the Nation" because of their cold temperatures each year. As you drive into Big Piney you will see a sign that says, "Best People on Earth." We have to agree! 




We enjoyed warmer weather this morning which is not usual for this leg of the race. Normally we have extremely cold temperatures and lots of wind. By about 10:00 we were seeing blue skies and sun! 


Ed Stielstra and his little crew getting ready for the race!

Today's leg of the race was 35 miles. Racers began to leave the chute at 9:00 this morning and departed every 3 minutes. We enjoyed watching the dogs excitement as they waited to head out on the trail. 

Erick Laforce out on the trail. Check out that yellow bib!

Do you remember who left wearing the yellow bib? If you said Erick Laforce, you are correct. Anny had today's fastest time so she will be taking back the yellow bib and wearing it for the second time! Check back tomorrow as we travel to South Pass, Wyoming. We are expecting 1-2 inches of snow and possibly some wind!