Day 5: Pinedale, Wyoming 

Welcome back!! Today we spent the day surrounded by the snowy Wind River Range as teams traveled the 45 miles up the Green River Lakes Road. From the parking lot, we saw 4 moose crossing the hillside while we watched from the staging area. I am not sure if they enjoyed the sound of the excited sled dogs but they didn't plan on hanging out with us.

We had lot of spectators of all ages who came out to see the mushers off in the chute. My favorite part of the race was when Buddy Streeper swooped in to help JR. Anderson when he was having problems with a dog harness. I sometimes forget that this is a competition because the musher treat one another like family and would do anything to help each other out. 

The trail was fast and mushers finished quickly. Today Lina Streeper finished the race with the fastest time of 3:11:42. She averaged about 14 miles per hour. Bruce Magnussen was hot on her tail coming in with a time of 3:12:19. Lina will wear the yellow bib to begin tomorrows race on South Pass. Mushers and the crew rushed off to Lander, Wyoming to a Meet and Greet on Lander's Main Street. Check back tomorrow for more fun!!

Mush on!!