Day 7: Pinedale, Wyoming



Mushers had the chance to return to Pinedale today to make up for the canceled race in Big Piney. Todays leg was 42 miles. Racers were faced with colder temperatures today and were bundled up as they left the chute.


While racers were out on the trail, handlers played a second round of the Handler Games. Today's game was curling. Buddy Streeper was the judge for today's game. I am anxious to hear which team won today's game. There was lots of laughter! Tomorrow handlers will try their hand at Stage Stop Trivia. We have some handlers who have been with the race for many years, so it could get exciting. 



After 3:05:07 on the trail Lina was first to cross the finish line. She was followed by Dave Torgerson placing second with a time of 3:09:14. Bruce Magnusson placed third with 3:11:02; Alix Crittenden fourth with 3:16:18; Jeff Conn fifth with 3:22:15; Austin Forney sixth with 3:30:18; and Jerry Scdoris seventh with an elapsed time of 3:31:20. Dennis LaBoda placed eighth with 3:37:42; Greta Thurston ninth with 3:38:50; and JR Anderson tenth with 3:39:15. Eleventh with 3:39:28 and twelfth with 5:15:13 are Laura Daugerau and Chris Adkins respectively.


Tonight racers will travel to Driggs, Idaho for tomorrows 35 mile race. Check back tomorrow! Mush on!!!