Today was a great start to this year's Pedigree Stage Stop Race. We spent the day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at Vet Checks. All 24 of this year's racers were ready to show off their dog athletes to the vet team. 


Gwenn Bogarrt of Boulder, Wyoming















The vet team inspected the dogs carefully to insure that they were fit to compete in this year's race. This is not the last time the Pedigree dogs will visit with the vet teams. The Pedigree team of vets travels from stage to stage to offer their expert care to all the mushing teams. By the end of the race, the mushers and vets will form a close relationship. The vets do a great job checking over dogs but they also do a great job educating the mushers on dog care. 


Bruce Magnusson of Michigan tells us how excited he is to be racing this year. 

















Also on today's schedule was COVID test for the crew, mushers, and handlers. A lot like many of your schools and communities, everyone from mushers to crew are required to "mask up" while at the races. We are very excited to be together as a group but we want to ensure that we keep everyone healthy.  


Thad Mccracken of Oregon















Tomorrow morning racers will be racing 30 miles up the Grays River Road in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming. Check back tomorrow for race results!