Stage 4:  Big Piney/Marbleton, Wyoming

Welcome back race fans! We were treated to the most beautiful sunrise at the Middle Piney Creek Trailhead. As we traveled to the race from Pinedale, our temperature was showing -30 but as we got to the trailhead the temperature had warmed to -5. Big Piney/Marbleton is known as the "Ice Box of Nation." The race officials predicted that the temperatures would rise quickly as the sun came up and they were correct! We enjoyed a day with lots of sun and a few less layers of warm clothes than the previous days.

My truck read a very cold -30 on the way to the race!

Today’s trail took the mushers on a 31-mile out and back trail while climbing 3,000 vertical feet. The dogs and mushers were anxious to hit the trail after yesterday’s postponed race in Pinedale.

Michael Tetzner out on the trail. Look at those warm mittens and crazy green hair! 

We were also joined by Big Piney and LaBarge Elementary School students. There were 21 very excited race fans cheering the musher in and out of the race chute. Racer Alix Crittenden presented to these groups in early January. Alix was treated to extra loud cheers and lots of colorful signs. While the mushers were on the trail the Game and Fish and The US Forest Service met with the students. We can’t wait to have these enthusiastic race fans back next year. Jr Musher Yulia Carpenter helped with the annoucing and the countdown. She was great help!

Yulia helping with the annoucing and countdown. 

Liz Thompson and her Jr. Musher Caiden Laughter. 

Anny Malo completed the race with the fastest time of 2:05:44. She was followed by her sister-in-law Cathy Rivest with an impressive time of 2:09:04. Alix Crittenden had a great time of 2:10:56.

We travel to Kemmerer, Wyoming for tomorrow’s race at the Ham’s Fork Trailhead. Kemmerer is known for its fossil fish. Here is a great website with some fun information for the Fossil Butte National Monument.